Abbas Mir

Of Kashmiri extraction, it was inevitable that Abbas Mir would embark on a business that involved the highly sought after Pashmina fabric, so beloved of those who appreciate understated luxury.

Born, raised, and educated in London, Abbas Mir took up a career as a Business Analyst moving onto Project and Management Consultancy positions. After 12 years Abbas Mir was ready to fulfill his ambition of starting his own business, and with an eye for detail, a love of beautifully crafted products and an innate creative disposition Abbas Mir set up Zaffron London in December 2011, to realise his ambition of creating a label that showcased the craftsmanship of the artisans of Kashmir and modern young designers, whilst creating a modern and contemporary twist in the look and design of Pure Pashmina stoles and shawls.

His desire to reinterpret the perception of Pashmina using traditional methods, innovative designs and technologies nurtured a need to create a brand that would be a collective house for promising new designers and collaborations with London College of Fashion for example.

" Showcasing young new designers will constantly keep the brand fresh, modern and provide the intellectual and aesthetic credibility so fundamental to maintaining the uniqueness of Zaffron London. Collaboration with London College of Fashion shows a willingness to explore and push the conventional wisdom pertaining to design and form of Pashmina."

Exquisitely hand made, all the Pashmina's are woven on looms designed in the 15th century in Kashmir, thereafter, various traditional and innovative dye and print techniques have been incorporated, realizing the contemporary designs created by young UK designers.

Zaffron London stoles and shawls are all made from 100% Pure Pashmina, renewable goat's wool sourced in Ladakh and the ensuing process from yarning to finishing all performed in the Vale of Kashmir. Zaffron offers 2 types of Pashmina thread, namely the Traditional Pashmina, which is weaved normally with a relatively thick thread and the Light Weave Pashmina, which is weaved lightly using a much thinner thread than the Traditional Pashmina.

As Zaffron London organically grows, new product lines, such as Pashmina kaftans, Silk kaftans, scarves, stoles and shawls, all of which are deeply rooted in the artisan culture of Kashmir will be introduced.

" My objective for Zaffron London is to capture the spirit and expression of young designers, whose work will enlighten, educate and reflect the demand for exquisitely hand made, renewable organically sourced garments with a contemporary twist."