The Kashmir valley is one of the most enchanting places on earth. An expanse of flat lush terrain amidst the Himalayas, the vale’s ethereal beauty is astounding. Surrounded by snow capped mountains, the 100 mile by 30 mile (160 km by 50 km) emerald green valley with its placid lakes and flowing streams, weeping willows and giant Chinars (a large deciduous tree), orchards, rice fields and wood and brick farmhouses enthralls all that visit.

Living in a land so charming the people of Kashmir have evolved a culture that is rich and refined. The valley is famous for its Handicrafts including woodcarving, carpets, weaving, paper mache and cruel tapestry.

From the 2nd century, with the Kushana empire establishing Kashmir as a major centre of Buddhism, to the Great Hindu King Asoka, who founded the summer capital Srinagar in the 3rd century BC, and finally to the Persian mystic Shah Hamdan who introduced Islam into the Valley, Kashmir has been a gateway to Heaven where Sufi and Hindu mystics would stand in the flowing rivers of Kashmir to attain enlightenment.