The landscape of Ladakh cannot but leave visitors enraptured. It has often been called the "desert in the sky". It is hard not to be enthralled by the beauty of the terrain; it’s immensity and emptiness, or indeed its medieval monasteries and the charming oasis-like villages. It is the land of the "Mountain passes".

Sandwiched between the Great Himalayas and sub ranges of the lofty Karakoram chain, Ladakh had two major mountain systems; the Zanskar Mountains and Ladakh range, running across it.

Predominantly Buddhist, Ladakh is a spiritual hub for all Buddhist’s with the religion spreading from here into Tibet and China from the 6th century onwards. Mystical Monasteries such as Lamayuru, Alchi and Hemis pepper the landscape, captivating all that see it.

High in the mountains nomadic herders breed and comb their goats every spring producing the Pashmina wool so desired. Thousands of years have passed and yet the process remains the same untainted by modern technology.