London College of Fashion

Zaffron London have embarked on a project with second year BA (Hons) Fashion Textile students to enable LCF to work with the Textiles of Kashmir. These include Pure Pashmina, 160 Lambs wool and a variety of silks all woven in the Vale of Kashmir and Ladakh.

The LCF students will incorporate a Floral Theme as the basis of this years' project work, using abstract, print, knitting and dye techniques to illustrate the versatility and beauty of Pure Pashmina and the various other textiles.

Zaffron London was created in 2011, to realise Abbas Mir's ambition of creating a label that showcased the craftsmanship of the artisans of Kashmir, whilst creating a modern and contemporary twist in the look and design of Pure Pashmina stoles and shawls in the first instance, with an ambition to move into fashion womenswear in the future.

Zaffron London's desire is to reinterpret the perception of Pashmina using traditional methods, innovative designs and technologies. Exquisitely hand-made, all the Pashminas are woven on looms designed in the 15th century in Kashmir. The Pashmina wool is renewable and sustainable, derived from Goat's wool sourced in Ladakh and the ensuing process from yarning to finishing all performed in the Vale of Kashmir.

Abbas Mir commented, "Zaffron London's collaboration with LCF rests on a desire to push the boundaries of design and use of Pashmina and other Kashmiri textiles to a modern audience unfamiliar with the feel, touch and look of these textiles."