Pashmina Weave Types

Zaffron London offers 2 types of Pashmina weave thread;


This is weaved normally with a relatively thick thread. Intricate embroidery around the fringes and in the heart of a shawl or stole are all performed on this weave. Classical shawls such as the Jamiavr, with flower patterns and designs can only be stitched onto the Traditional thread as the tension in the thread, unlike the Lightweave, is tauter, thus enabling the shawl to hold the stitching.

Lightweave Pashmina

This is weaved lightly using a much thinner thread than the Traditional Pashmina. Intricate embroidery is not possible on this thread, as the lightness of the weave does not enable stitching to hold. The delicate, light feel of this thread is a wonder and over the last 30 years, the Lightweave has become firmly established as a weave to match the Traditional.